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super-sheer dressing at the oscars

Halle Berry at the 2011 Oscars, wearing Marchesa [image via OnSugar]

Mila Kunis at the 2011 Oscars, wearing Ellie Saab [image via Just Jared]

We chatted about the Oscars with you on Facebook today. After reading a comment from one of you, we realized, the IT TREND on the Red Carpet was super-sheer dressing. It was so modern, young and sexy. If you weren't wearing sheer, you were wearing too much. We wanted to share this well-written, well-thought-out comment from our friend and 2009 Teen Vogue Brand Ambassador, Ashleigh.

I'm stuck between Halle Berry and Mila Kunis. I loved the nude color and "extraness" that Halle's Marchesa dress had to offer, and it fit her body to a T; plus her hair and makeup were flawless... Mila on the other hand, looked gorgeous in her lavender dress by Elie Saab. The color complimented her skin, the lace detailing was perfection and her accessories complimented the entire ensemble without overdoing it.

Thanks Ash! You have great insights, as always.

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are styles from the 70s back?

70s flares & vest by dollhouse

photo: aliya naumoff for dollhouse

Are styles from the 70s back? The Dollhouse designers certainly believe so. Our team of Dollhouse denim designers shop all the shows, shop Europe, and shop Asia to find the next hottest trends for you. As part of the Dollhouse sales team myself, I need to be aware of all trends too -- past, present, and future. I check Websites such as Fashionising, StyleCaster, BecomeGorgeous and other trend sites daily.

So when our head merchandiser first presented a line full of bell bottoms, flared, and high-waisted pants and jeans back in early January, I was totally ready to embrace the new. But part of me also wondered what would happen to our bread-and-butter staple: The Skinny. Personally, I love high-waisted and flared jeans; but the Dollhouse consumer loves their low-rise skinny-leg fitted jeans. A lot.

Since that design presentation, I've been noticing a funkadelic explosion! From the runways and fashion Websites to celebrities and fashion magazines, 70s-inspired styles and silhouettes are definitely in high demand from buyers.

But why you ask? Why the time warp to the 70s? According to Fashionising’s Editor in Chief, Daniel Dykes, the reason why flared and bell bottoms are coming back in style is because “skinny jeans have become so common, such a staple in most everyone’s wardrobe, that people are seeking an alternative.” I totally agree! Plus I never lost faith in the flare.

So it's time to embrace the 70s! Be on the lookout for these silhouettes in-store, and especially on

High-waisted wide-leg pants or flares
Roll neck sweaters
Neat bow-blouses
Ruffled necklines
Hot pants
Beaded necklaces
Bright colors
Earth tones
Silk fabrics
Lurex fabric

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10 transitional must-haves

Oh it's going to be Spring Spring Spring very soon soon soon!!! Can you tell we're a little excited? But with all these temperature changes every day, what are we supposed to wear? Try these 10 Transitional Must-Haves on for size. Dollhouse definitely has your back ;-)

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stairway to heaven

Check out this rad stairway, all made of skateboard decks. By Roarockit Skateboard.

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mail art or fashionable postmarks?

Now this is great thing to do with cancelled stamps. I wonder if anyone would dare wear this dress to The Royal Wedding? After all, it does have images of H.M. The Queen.

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4 must-haves for you right now

4 Must-Haves: Transitional!

So, I'm sure you agree, the weather doesn't know what it's doing right now. It snowed in Georgia, for heaven's sake! And in NYC, it's going to be 60 degrees tomorrow. I don't know how to dress for these crazy temperature changes, and I'm guessing, neither do you. So yes. It's time to get your Transitional wardrobe out of the closet. While you're at it, you may want to add these cute on-trend updates.

4 must-haves for you right now:
  1. destroyed flares
  2. bomber hoodie
  3. bustier & thong set
  4. blenda ankle boots

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time to consult the magic eight ball

Dear Fellow Procrastinators,
How long does it take you to get comfy, find a good study place, get your perfect snacks, and finally settle down to work? Well if you're having trouble digging in to the work-at-hand today, you're apparently not alone. Look at Aquarius. "Don't expect to make much progress on detail-oriented work." Hmph, well, glad I'm not an Aquarius because I have a lot on my to-do list today.

If you have trouble with procrastinating, I probably shouldn't be distracting you with this post. But then again, you can't help it and neither can I. SO, if you need more information about how your day's going to go today, consult And just to be sure, I'd suggest consulting my old standby, the online Magic Eight Ball. Just for a second opinion.

Well this looks promising! Now all I need are the perfect snacks... What am I hungry for? I wonder if I really am an Aquarius...

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denim trend

Dollhouse bootcuts are always a strong seller on Thanks for loving our bootcuts, guys! But this style has been particularly strong lately, and we thought you might want to snap up a pair: Dollhouse GRAY CRINKLE WHISKERED BOOTCUT are sellin' like hotcakes!

Shop 'em here! (Full size-range in stock as of this posting.)

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If you've been reading our Facebook page lately, you know that all our peeps are still at #WWDMagic (Las Vegas baby!) booth #72501. Today is Day 3 of the show, and the Dollhouse booth is rocking!

We love that is Tweeting this show! At last! I hope they send back plenty of TwitPics to those of us in NYC this week. We want to see what's going on! Earlier this week, we were asked by blogger, Melanie Lee @ for . We sent some good ones. Just as we were Tweeting, "I wonder if she Tweeted them yet?" Melanie Tweeted this one about us! This is a fun idea. We'll give you updates and reTweets throughout the day! Check our Twitter and our Facebook.


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valentine's recap!

So, how was your Valentine's Day? Did you spend it with your sweetie? Or with a group of good friends? Or did you protest and wear black?

No matter what you did, we want to know a few things... Like, what did you get for Valentine's Day? Did your sweeties give you anything sweet? Or fashionable? Or more to the point, did you get anything Dollhouse for Valentine's? Or did you just treat yourself to an item you've been dying for? Tell us! (here in the comments, on Twitter, or on our Facebook page)


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2011 grammy awards

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, held February 13 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, was one of the music industry's biggest nights.

What a show they gave to all the viewers. From Lady Gaga arriving on the red carpet in an egg carried by models to the great performances by some of our favorites such as Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, Usher, Katy Perry, Eminem, Rihanna and Drake, Bob Dylon, Lady Antellum, Muse, Mick Jagger, Mumford & Son and many more. Congratulations to all the talented artists that took home a Grammy. 'Til next year!

Big Wins
  • Record of the Year: Need You Now, Lady Antebellum
  • Album of the Year: The Suburbs, Arcade Fire
  • Song of the Year: “Need You Now,” Dave Haywood, Josh Kear, Charles Kelley & Hillary Scott
  • Best New Artist: Esperanza Spalding
  • Best Pop Vocal Album: The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga
  • Best Rock Album: The Resistance, Muse
  • Best Rap Album: Recovery Eminem
  • Best Female Country Vocal Performance: “The House That Built Me,” Miranda Lambert
  • Best Country Album: Need You Now, Lady Antebellum
  • Best Female Pop Vocal Performance: “Bed Romance,” Lady Gaga
  • Best Male Pop Vocal Performance: “Just The Way You Are,” Bruno Mars
  • Best Rap Performance By Duo or Group: “On To The Next One,” Jay-Z & Swizz Beats
  • Best Rap Song: “Empire State Of Mind,” Shawn Carter, et al.
  • Best Short Form Music Video: “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga
  • Best Rap/Song Collaboration: “Empire State Of Mind,” Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
  • Best Urban/Alternative Performance: “F*** You,” Cee Lo Green
  • Best R&B Album: Wake Up!, John Legend & The Roots

My picks for Best Dressed

Kelly Osborne
Selena Gomez
Kim Kardashian
Eva Longoria
Giuliana De Pandi
Julianne Hough
Leann Rimes
Lea Michele
Jennifer Hudson

Gina S. is the PR Associate at Dollhouse in NYC, and also studies at BMCC with a major in Fashion Marketing. Gina's obsession with fashion began at an early age. She one day dreams to work at a magazine in event planning and PR. She loves to draw and has a monster collection of fashion magazines that date back to the early turn-of-the-century. (21st, not 20th) Follow Gina on Twitter, here.

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just one more thing, fb

Here was my original idea. Only imagine it horizontal, not vertical. See previous post.

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dear facebook,

Dear Facebook,
Why don't you hire a graphic designer to format your pages? Don't you think we like things to look pretty? Let's take the top photo banner in The New Profile, for example. What is going on with that? We want to choose our own pictures! In the order we want them! And every time we come to our profile, we want it to be the same! Facebook, I know you won't listen to the many many customer complaints. I don't know why I am even writing. Maybe someone else will listen.
Signed, FwF (Frustrated with Facebook)

Well, this morning I thought I had a good idea to solve the Facebook top photo banner debacle. I saved our logo in 5 parts, to match the 5 pictures they give you for the banner. But, ummm, it didn't quite work out. Now it's become more of a funny puzzle that won't spell "dollhouse." Here's as close as I've gotten. Can anyone else get it to spell "dollhouse"?

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get sassy for valentine's: look 2

Shop these sassy items on


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happy fashion week nyc!

Happy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC! Starting (yesterday) February 9th through February 17th, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will take place at Lincoln Center. For those who don't know, this will be the second Fashion Week for the new venue. Since 1993, Bryant Park has been home to New York’s Fashion Week. Long live Bryant Park’s Fashion Week! And Hello Lincoln Center, Fashion Week's new home!

The Shows kicked off last night at 7pm with The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection at the Theatre. Aren’t we excited to see what’s to come in Fall 2011? I sure am!

Here's today's schedule:

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Nicholas K, Studio

Porter Grey, Box


Richard Chai, Stage

Duckie Brown, Studio

Mara Hoffman, Box

Luca Luca, Stage

Tadashi Shoji, Studio

Eva Minge, 356 W 58th Street

Christian Siriano, Stage

W Hotels Global Glam, Box

Irina Shabayeva, Studio

click here for the full schedule

Gina S. is the PR Associate at Dollhouse in NYC, and also studies at BMCC with a major in Fashion Marketing. Gina's obsession with fashion began at an early age. She one day dreams to work at a magazine in event planning and PR. She loves to draw and has a monster collection of fashion magazines that date back to the early turn-of-the-century. (21st, not 20th) Follow Gina on Twitter, here.

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get sassy for valentine's: look 1

Shop these sassy items on
  4. Dollhouse ZOTTO FUR BOOT

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dollhouse photo shoot 1st glimpse

Yes, I know, you've been dying to see results from our photo shoot last Tuesday, and yes, I know, this is a very tiny glimpse. We couldn't wait any longer to give you a sneak peek. We promise more glimpses in the coming days! Maybe even larger images? We'll keep you posted :-)

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get hot & bothered for valentine's

Get Hot & Bothered for Valentine's Day with sexy looks we think you'll love. And the prices! Well, you'll totally love them too (heart). Check your inboxes, and start clicking!

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today is our photo shoot!

OMG, today is the day of our Dollhouse photo shoot!!!! And the forecast is for snowy slushy oh no yucky. I think it will all work out anyway. We have a great group assembled. Our photographer is Aliya Naumoff! She totally rocks. Check out her work here. And our hair + make-up artist is Sarah Appleby. Check out her work here! Our model is gorgeous. And our location couldn't be cooler. Beauty Bar on 14th Street. We'll, I'm off in a few minutes to take the L train, bags packed with bagels from Esse, cream cheese, tofu cream cheese, tomatoes, peanut butter, almonds, Chocolove chocolate and other goodies for the crew. I plan to keep everyone well-fed, well-hydrated (coffee!!! water!!!) and happy. Wish us luck! I think it's going to be awesome.

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