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Andy Warhol, Fame Monster

Lady Gaga, Fame Monster

Do you have thoughts on Lady Gaga? Do tell! Have you seen her latest Telephone vid? I can see the headlines now, "Lady Gaga Reinvents Herself!" Isn't that what they always said of Madonna? I have heard her interviewed a bunch of times, and I have some theories, which I may share later. Like about her new album title, The Fame Monster. What has Andy Warhol done to her brain?* And her hair? I wonder if Lady Gaga's wig velcro's onto her head like Warhol's? I am full of questions. Anyway, your thoughts please.

*Watch this interview vid on here. She says, "Right now the fame is the art." If that isn't stolen from the lips of Warhol, I don't know what is.

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how can we top the last blog post?

We are still buzzing from the awesome photoshoot last week!! And now we got the pictures back and they are pretty great. We can't wait to show you, but that will have to wait 'til next season. Sorry guys! But it'll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, check out our Deals 'n Steals on As one of our Facebook Fans puts it,
0mg the Blue Acid Wash Leggings Are only 19.99 ... How can we go wrong.... Awesomeness @ !!

Yup, couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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dollhouse fall 2010 photoshoot!

Photographer, Morris Antebi

Makeup by Dana James
Model: Jennifer from APM was awesome!

Yesterday, we were out in Brooklyn on the top floor of a factory, shooting the Dollhouse Fall 2010 campaign! Wait 'til you see it! It was pretty exciting.

I got some behind-the-scenes shots and lots of video. Want to see some sneak-peeks? Come back in 15 minutes. Up now!

The team!
Photographer: Morris Antebi
Photo assistants: Irv Goldberg, Michael Bellhassen, Ralph Laboton
Model: Jennifer, APM
Makeup: Dana James
Hair: Marcel Dagenais
Stylists: Belinda Bacal, Alison Hills
Producer: Alisa Shteynshleyger

Blogger & "Official Unofficial" Documentarian: Elaine Perlov

Dana James works her magic

Jennifer's comp card

Makeup being done in the one light corner of the factory floor.

Jennifer has beautiful face

Style consult with the team
[L-R] Marcel (hair), Alisa & Belinda (Dollhouse), Dana (makeup), Jennifer (model)

Belinda [L] styles Look #1
Loving the knee socks and clogs with the Dollhouse denim dress!

Look #1: Dollhouse Denim Dress
photographer, Morris Antebi, at right

Look #1, Marcel Dagenais does a hair touch-up between shots

Look #2 with Dollhouse Denim Shirt, Lace Pants & new HANDBAGS!!!!

I can't wait to see this shot on the front page of our Website!!!

Props! And prop-mobile. Very handy for moving props around.


And here are various details from the factory floor (floor 8, to be exact)

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time to shop the trends: dresses

On-trend from Dollhouse.
We know you want this look.

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a glamour do or don't

Here's the copy that went along with this "Glamour Fashion Do" (or don't?):

DON'T forgot to keep things simple when wearing a feather skirt.

Hellooo, gorgeous! Ten bucks says you'll hear that greeting every time you walk into a room with a kicky little number like this on. When wearing a plume-accented skirt,

DO skip headbands or dangly earrings-one party-friendly item is all you need.

ADAM, Spring 2010

Oh, okay. Let me get this straight. So what you're saying is don't go head-to-toe feathery? Because I would have thought to wear as many feathers as possible. I mean, didn't Bjork get rave reviews when she wore her swan to that awards ceremony years ago?

Bjork and the swan...
[image via teamsugar]


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lots o'fun (at the parade)

I liked her striped socks.

Without further adieu, some fun shots of the NYC Saint Patrick's Day Parade. For some reason, I became fascinated with the tubas. I stuck to the staging areas on the side streets near Grand Central, because quite frankly the parade route up Fifth Avenue was mobbed. Here's a few slice-of-life shots for you all to enjoy!

This is as close as I could get to the parade route on Fifth Avenue.
Very very very crowded

Good plummage on this band. They're lunching before marching.

Another staging area on 46th-or-so Street

Jovial Grand Marshals. Very excellent outfits.

I liked this guy. Probably because he smiled for my picture.

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this is a public service announcement!

It's warm and nice and sunny and Spring-like in NYC today!!! And guess what? Our Mister Softee guy is on our corner again, serving up yummy soft serve cones! Sprinkes are free! What could be better? Garment District, rejoice!

[cone via Blondie & Brownie, truck via Dollhouse]

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happy st patrick's day!!

We sent out this announcement last week! Hope you all got to shop our true colors mini-collection. Lots of pretty green togs for all you bonnie lassies (that's pretty clothes for pretty girls). You are all beautiful in our book. Have a great day today! We will try to get some live shots of the NYC Saint Patrick's Day Parade, which starts at 11am at 5th Avenue and 44th Street. Exciting!

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pizza truck

Vinny Vincenz Mobile Pizza!

In the Garment District, you can find the truck parked on 40th
near the corner of 6th Avenue

Come summer, there are so many food truck options in New York, it is ridiculous. But Vinny Vincenz seems to operate year-round. In the Garment District, you can find Vinny parked on 40th Street between Broadway and 6th Avenue. Opinions greatly vary on the taste. Have you tried it? What do you guys think?

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time to shop the trends: jeans

On-trend from Dollhouse.
Aggressively smokin' hot.
We know you want this look.

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shopping list 2010

So we hear through the online grapevine that you are liking Shopping List 2010, our new-ish feature on that shows you hot looks (3 pieces each) for under $100. And sometimes waaay under. So that's awesome. We'll keep compiling more budget-friendly fashion-forward looks for y'all. Keep on shoppin'

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hot denim styles just reduced!

This email isn't coming out until next week, but psssssssst, we just reduced lots of hot styles! Check 'em out here! Oooh, everyone loves a SALE.

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twilight eclipse super-teaser!

Twilight Eclipse - Trailer Teaser

MySpace Today | MySpace Video

Here it is, the Twilight Eclipse trailer. So painfully short, we totally want more!

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a few of our favorite things...

We were thinking, why should Teen Vogue and Seventeen and all your favorite mags get to pick all their favorite things every month and not us? Duh. We should totally be telling you ours on a regular basis. So here goes. Dollhouse gets all editorial 'n stuff. The first installment of many more!

Check out the seven pieces we love! And think you must have in your life. Right here! (with live shopping links)

And while you're at it, don't forget to save BIG at our Blowout Footwear Sale and our Best of Winter Outerwear Sale!

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time to shop the trends: sleepwear

On-trend from Dollhouse.
Leopard 'n lovely.
Oh-so-old Hollywood boudoir.
We know you want this look.

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Oscars opinions everyone? Tell us what you thought of the winners, losers, outfits, etc.!


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time to shop the trends: shoes

On-trend from Dollhouse.
Totally fashion-forward.
We know you want this look.

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do you dream of cider donuts?

Breezy Hill Orchard Homemade Apple Cider Donuts in NYC!
Nothing but good stuff in these donuts. mmmmmmmmm.

I was just wondering, do you dream of homemade apple cider donuts? Because if you do, I've got just the place... Saturdays at the Union Square Greenmarket, there's a guy who sells a donut that will make you weep with joy. It's so fresh and, well, almost wholesome and healthy! And definitely delicious. Sure the Greenmarket sells (actually healthy) veggies and fruits, but they also sell LOTS of fresh baked goods. And they are quite amazing.

Union Square Greenmarket
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays
(different vendors each day)

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