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get ready to gift!

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Great holiday gifts, for you and yours. Here are some of our picks for cute holiday outfits from

First Row+
Dollhouse Uncut Cord Bomber
Dollhouse Ultra Skinny Jeans
Dollhouse Ponie Bootie

Second Row+
Dollhouse Ruffle Hem Puffer
Dollhouse Cargo Pocket Bootcut Jeans
Dollhouse Deb Bootie

Third Row+
Dollhouse Box Quilted Bomber
Dollhouse Fit & Flare Jeans
Dollhouse Ezitta Half-Cowboy

Fourth Row+
Dollhouse Tuxedo Ruffle Ski Jacket
Dollhouse Gray Bleach-Out Wash Skinny Jeans
Dollhouse Celia Boot

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the video: teen vogue's rock meets the runway

Teen Vogue's Rock Meets the Runway from Dollhouse Blog on Vimeo.
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If you couldn't attend Teen Vogue's sold out event, Rock Meets the Runway, at the Hard Rock Times Square last week, check out our video! The runway show was great, featuring three rocking looks from Dollhouse (this Union Jack Tee from Paris Hilton, and some hot 2009 previews from Dollhouse, including Zebra Stripe Jeans and a Tie-Dye Jeans Skirt. Stay tuned.) The music, added for the video, is by Full Load of King.

Event recap: the winning band was Half Demon Doll, an all-girl group, ages 14-16, from Minneapolis. Way cool. Celebrity hosts included TeenVogue "It Girl" Chanel Iman and One Tree Hill's Ashley Rickards. And the rocking surprises were the gift bag, a live fashion raffle, and free makeovers throughout the day.

Feel free to share the video! Click this link to share.

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geisha tagging

Browsing the Nylon blog this morning, I found some cool street art, submitted by readers from around the globe. My favorite: this geisha-samurai painting in Valencia, Spain, submitted by Grace Fidler of the UK. The series is called Tag! if you want to check out more.

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selling like hotcakes: danity kane for dollhouse

We just launched our Danity Kane for Dollhouse collection on this week, and already the three skinny styles are selling fast.

1. Danity Kane for Dollhouse Gold Pinstripe Skinny, $58.
2. Danity Kane for Dollhouse Plaid Skinny, $58.
3. Danity Kane for Dollhouse Faux Leather Pocket Skinny, $58.

Get them while they're hot! Click to shop.

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collection launch: danity kane for dollhouse

Shop one, shop all, just in time for the holidays! Click Danity Kane for Dollhouse to shop our debut collaborative mini-collection of hot skinny jeans, exclusively online on Let us know which pair is your favorite. You already know mine.

To read all related Danity Kane for Dollhouse posts, click here.

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dollhouse spring 2009 photoshoot

The Camera. A nice set-up.

I became very fascinated with the Color Correction card, used in every shot
as a reference point. Wow, I had no idea it is so expensive. $77!

We had our Dollhouse Spring 2009 photoshoot in a loft in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) last week, shot by Yana Toyber, and it was totally high-energy, creative, spontaneous and fun. We can't wait to show you the photos and the behind-the-scenes video. Stay tuned! We will start to reveal the new Dollhouse campaign in January/February. Wait until you see the styling!

Hair and Make-up

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the teen vogue gift bag from rock meets the runway

The Teen Vogue gift bag featured reading material (Teen Vogue and The Clique),
listening material (Cocktail Slippers, CBGB Forever, The Launderettes),
and some fun beauty products.

I got some great video of the Teen Vogue Rock Meets the Runway event at the Hard Rock yesterday. The runway show included three rocking looks from Dollhouse. I will show you the video later this week (after I edit).

In the meantime, check out the gift bag! Some of my favorite goodies included a Max Factor Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duo, Wreck & Roll Texturizing Gel from Sally Hershberger, and the latest issue of Teen Vogue which I read on the subway this morning (Dollhouse Crayon-Bright Colored Skinnies featured on page 112). Neat.

Dollhouse Crayon-Bright Skinnies featured
in the December/January 2009 issue of Teen Vogue.

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fashion dish: 39th & broadway

I love this blog, 39th & Broadway, the insider scoop on the fashion industry. As they put it, the "blog is devoted to fashion insiders who work in the industry and need a place to gossip, vent and network." Hmm, sounds good. I think I will follow it regularly.

If you want to get started with their recommendations for good fashion reads, check out Links à la Mode, a weekly round-up from fellow fashion bloggers. Partial list below.

  • A Few Goody GumDrops - A Few Goody Gumdrops can’t decide if the latest Pierre Hardy is a pet or a shoe!
  • Add Bubbles To Taste - How To Shop: A Sale!
  • Capitola Girl Jewelry Blog - A couture-inspired jewelry collection from a San Francisco artist that is filled with fanciful fun–and made out of LEGOs
  • Diary of a Style Addict - sharing beauty secrets by giving away a free copy of Cosmopolitan’s new book
  • Dirty Laundry - The elusive and other-worldly effect of unraveling a t-shirt and why t-shirt deconstruction is amazing.
  • Dogmom’s Dish - Five Fab Books For Your Favorite Fashionista Be a haute holiday heroine with these picks!
  • Dress Me Up Dollie - Mini loves plaid. A lot!
  • eye4style - eye4style reports back on the fab LuckyShops event in NYC - Botkier, Foley & Corinna, Rebecca Minkoff and more…

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teen vogue's rock meets the runway

Teen Vogue
's signature (and now sold out) event Rock Meets the Runway is this Sunday, November 16 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. The cool part for us: Dollhouse is featured in the Runway Show. Exciting!! We will bring you exclusive event video and photos right here on the blog. Please stay tuned. To read more about Rock Meets the Runway, and about the three featured bands who made it to the finals (Half Demon Doll, Pike, and Snake Pliskin), click here.

RMR promises "three hot bands, great runway fashion, celebrity guests, and some rocking surprises." I am excited to see some rocking surprises. And celebrity guests. Yes. What will I wear?

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lindsay lohan is beautiful

How cool is this? Lindsay Lohan is wearing our You Are Beautiful Tee. Shop this exact piece on, just $10, while supplies last.

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evening skate

Ice skating in the evening glow of the city surrounded by skyscrapers.
The Empire State Building, all lit up for the holiday season, in the background.
What could be better?

The Pond at Bryant Park is open! And great fun, I might add. I am going to try to figure out how to bring you pictures, and a video denim trend report from the ice. I am thinking of wrapping my camera in bubble wrap, just in case I fall...

If you want to get your skate on, here are all the particulars:

Skate rental: $12
Admission: Free
Locker: Free
Lock: bring your own (free) or buy one there for a whopping $9. It is better to bring your own.
Bag check: $7-$10, so leave your bag at home

Hours: 8am to midnight, Friday-Saturday; 8am to 10pm, Sunday-Thursday.
Ice skating season at The Pond runs through January 25.

The Pond at Bryant Park. The two-story red and blue structure in the background
is the Celsius Lounge which offers food, drink, and a great view of the action.

The skating hut on the right contains lockers, snack bar, skate rental,
coat check and seats. Very comfortable and nice.

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hot items on

Check out this week's top-selling Dollhouse styles on

1. Dollhouse Carson Bootcut Jeans, $48.
2. Dollhouse Ultra-Skinny Jeans, 48.
3. Dollhouse Fit & Flare Jeans, $48.

Get them while they're hot! Click to shop.

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trend report: needlepoint meets retro-digital

Pacman needlepoint magnets, from Flickr
Pacman was developed by Namco, released in Japan in 1980

Donkey Kong cross-stitch by Mecha Shiva, on CraftZine blog
Donkey Kong was originally developed by Nintendo, released in 1981

A needlepoint actual size replica of the Macintosh 128K, circa 1984
The Macintosh 128K was the original Apple Macintosh personal computer!
Needlepoint sculpture by Ben Fino-Radin by way of Boing Boing by way of Gizmodo

What is going on? I had no idea that writing this piece yesterday would lead me to uncover a very strange and very specific niche trend: needlepoint pieces of late 70s-early 80s digital technology are springing up all over. Pacman. Donkey Kong. A Mac. BASIC (the computer programming language). I would like to find one of Pong, and then this trend report would be complete.

In BASIC, the computer programming language of days past,
each line of code was numbered in increments of 10.
Here, a needlepoint pattern for "Home Sweet Home"
BASIC, short for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code,
originally designed in 1964, was popular in the 70s and 80s.
[image from counterjumper]

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needlepoint nintendo

How cool is this? A needlepoint Nintendo. I want it. It seems that others recognize the kitsch value of the 'point. That's short for needlepoint. Check it out here.

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diy art is cool

Whether you prefer a quaint old landscape or a classic Old Master like the
Vermeer-by-number above, you have to admit, paint-by-numbers are pretty cool.

There is something to be said for the kitsch value of paint-by-numbers. They are the comfort food of the art world, don't you think? I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I look at them. Along with needlepoint. So I was thinking. Imagine decorating a whole wall of your space in these framed creations.

If you want to start a DIY art gallery on your walls, start combing the flea markets and the second-hand stores. I have been seeing a lot of great examples at the flea market on 6th Avenue and 17th Street in NYC. Or you could even hit the craft stores and make some yourself. If you don't have an artistic bent, remember, paint-by-numbers also look good unfinished. For frames try some dollar stores. Or CVS. They have some good sales on gold frames from time to time.

I think I may hit my local craft store on my way home. I wonder if they let you needlepoint on the subway...

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don't forget to vote!

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trend report: the "deco-den"

No this is not an extreme-dessert of some sort. This is all the rage in Japan. It seems that the latest trend to hit the streets of Tokyo is the "deco-den," short for "decorated denwa" (telephone). Yes, it is fashionable to deck out your cellphone with sequins, rhinestones, adhesive wallpapers, and even faux-dessert, complete with whipped cream. Read more of the story on PingMag.

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paris for president!

Um, need we remind you that the clock is ticking? Get your Paris for President Tee today! Before it is too late.

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a question.

Would you trust this man to run your online video campaign? I would. But this is a question for the good of Dollhouse. Perhaps it is more prudent to consult the Magic Eight Ball.

This bodes well.

Okay okay.

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the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks

I am guessing Cootie Brown's so-called "Real Food" is not all that real. Or perhaps it is not
even food. Who is to say. [image from The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks]

I admit it. I am a fan of quotation marks. And irony. And punctuation. And blogs that point out errors in punctuation and the overuse of quotation marks which lead to some unintended irony.

While The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks may not have the widest of wide reaches, I am sure it attracts a devoted readership. Like me, from now on. Thanks to ReadyMade magazine for their write-up and calling "my attention" to it.

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