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If you like ice cream and architecture (and who doesn't), you should follow COOLHAUS ice cream sandwiches on Facebook. You know COOLHAUS from reading the Dollhouse blog. They make the architectonic treats named after famous architects, like the Mies Vanilla Rohe and the Frank Behry. And they're sold from a food truck. So that's good.

So anyway, if you follow COOLHAUS on Facebook, you'll probably learn about some pretty cool architecture. I just did. The Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a 48-foot tall wooden structure with over 6000 square feet of glass, inspired by Sainte Chappelle in Paris. Opened in 1980 and designed by architect E. Fay Jones, Thorncrown Chapel was the dream of retired school teacher, Jim Reed who bought the land for his own retirement home. He instead decided to share the beauty of spot with everyone by constructing a sanctuary. Phew. That's pretty cool.

And if you follow COOLHAUS on FB, you'll probably learn their location for the day and the secret word to get a discount if, you know, you want to have some ice cream. And stuff.

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possibly the best anti-bullying story ever

How many of you have NOT been bullied in your life, raise your hand? I'm willing to wager that even bullies have been bullied and didn't like it much. That's no doubt why they're bullies... Do unto others and all that. But anyway, being bullied pretty much sucks. And it's totally unjust. Yet it happens a lot, and pretty much anywhere. Unfortunately, everywhere.

So when you learn of the cruel bullying episode of a 68-year-old woman bus monitor by a group of middle school kids in Greece, New York, you just throw up your hands in disgust. Where does it end? Do people have no boundaries or basic respect for human life? Is there any justice for the bullied? Does everyone just look the other way?

And then you learn the rest of the story of Karen Klein, and how Max Sidorov of Toronto, moved by Klein's plight, felt he "had to do something to support her in this time." Yes! Human outreach! Is the best!

[Sidorov's] first thought was to raise money through the site, hopefully enough "to get her away from the environment and get her on vacation somewhere." So he set up the site, hoping to amass $5,000 over the next month.

By early Friday, that fund had more than $450,000.*

During the time I was writing this piece, alone, the number increased from $479,702 to $487,388. I love that human kindness is triumphing over base, mean-spirited, hurtful Group Mind behavior. And the triumph is being publicly broadcast. Now Karen has enough money to retire. And I'm guessing this very public incident may change the bullying, cowardly ways of that group of kids in the future. If only we could change the hearts of all bullies in this manner. Well, it's certainly pretty to think so.

*excerpt from KETK article, "Emotional, widespread reaction to harassment of 68-year-old bus monitor," Friday, June, 22, 2012, 8:46am


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good humor shortage of 2012

Rumor has it, there's a major supply shortage of some of Good Humor Ice Cream's mainstays, just in time for summer. We're talking Toasted Almond. Chocolate Eclairs. Candy Center Crunch. Super bummer. Apparently this only affects ice cream trucks, and not supermarkets. So there's that.

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new shorts for the longest day of the year

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! Today is the longest day of the year. That means lots of fun in the sun. And for this, you need new shorts. How about these colorful denim shorty-shorts? Yes and yes.

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new product debut: shorty shorts!

Brand new, white short shorts with cute tie belt. A must-have for Summer. Buy it now, to have it in time for the weekend.

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mccarren park pool opens june 28!

Drumroll please. No, bigger drumroll than that. Yes, the opened-in-1936 but closed-in-1983 Robert Moses public pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (that's right near Williamsburg, if you don't watch HBO's Girls and are not familiar with North Brooklyn) is set to reopen for real at the end of the month. As Opening Day draws nigh, and path stickers announcing the June 28 opening become well-trodden-on in nearby McCarren Park, the excitement is palpable. Palpable!

What will it be like swimming with 1499 other people? What will it be like burning to a crisp while waiting in line to get in? How long will the beautifully-designed locker room with actual boards from the Coney Island boardwalk remain unblemished? And is it free? These questions are best left for next Thursday and beyond.

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hot seller!

We just ordered more of these Ladder Cut-Out Skinnies! Thanks for all your requests. Should be back in stock on by July ♥

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