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dollhouse intimates & sleepwear to debut on

File this under the category of New and Exciting. Dollhouse will launch a new category this season: Intimates and Sleepwear! We are so excited for you to check out the debut collection, which we will have available right on our Website! There are so many cute items. Trust us, you will have a hard time choosing. I am already making out a wish list. More to come on this exciting topic in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to this channel, and get ready to shop!

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are you having trouble viewing this blog post?

Has your computer screen gotten a little dusty lately? Having trouble viewing this blog post? I'm sure you probably don't clean your computer screen as often as you should (who does?), so here is new screen cleaner for you. CLICK HERE.

Sent to all of us at Dollhouse today from Kim, our graphic designer. Too funny.


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paris hilton punk rock tee

Is it just me, or do you think the Paris Hilton Floating Faces Tee looks totally punk rock! From far away, the print looks like skulls and spray paint. Up close, you see it's Paris' head repeating over and over. So funny. I love it. It is very Andy Warhol meets Punk Rock meets Metal (I am talking about the Old English font used to spell out Paris) meets Glam (there is a bit of black sparkle in the letters of course).

When you take the time to look at the Paris Hilton pieces, you find the design details are chock-full of cultural references. And the way they are juxtaposed and all mixed together is pretty droll. Spend some time with the Paris Hilton collection and study the pieces. You will find it interesting.

I am planning to "rock this tee" as the kids say (no, I didn't really just say that) with the Paris Hilton In the Band Jacket, another piece I have been obsessively clicking on lately. In general, I love love love military-style details. And this piece is awesome because it is stretch knit. Super comfortable but with a tailored look. I just tried them on here in the Dollhouse showroom. I am totally buying both today. I can't wait to get my new Paris pieces.

Paris Hilton In the Band Jacket
currently on sale on

Excellent tailored look with military style details, but
super comfortable because it is stretch!

Note: as of this posting we are sold out of many sizes,
but we are reordering today! We'll let you know when it is back in stock.

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polyvore: the latest dollhouse collages

sweet pink
sweet pink - by Eimy999 on

Check out this collage on Polyvore. Dollhouse Peep Toe Gladiator Heels! We just wrote about these the other day. And Paris, on the cover of Paris Vogue.

He Got His Eyes On mE.
He Got His Eyes On mE. - by {C}e{L}F TASMANEH n Tashayla™ on

And another shoutout from Polyvore: an excellent outfit for day. We love the blues and the Jimmy Choos mixed with the Paris Hilton Gold Pocket Skinny Jean. Excellent earrings/shoes/back pocket stitching trio!! So cool. Many thanks!

Untitled - by PinkChade on

And another: Dollhouse Crayon-Bright Skinnies in Red. Red, black and white is hot. Great charm necklace and charm tee pairing. We love it! Thanks so much for including Dollhouse!!!

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oscar dressing

Favorite Oscar gown anyone? I rather liked Frieda Pinto's blue dress. The neckline was pretty interesting. I was also curious about Angelina Jolie's green earrings. Were they real? If yes, then wow. If no, then wow anyway. She looks stunning and almost "otherworldly" in anything she wears.

Found it! Angelina's earrings were 115 carat (!!!!) emerald earrings from Lorraine Schwartz. From PeopleStyleWatch.

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for your next oscar party

Oscar cookies anyone?

Don't throw a cookie-cutter Oscar Party! Throw an Oscar Cookie party! Buy the movie ticket cookie cutter, the director's clapboard, and the movie camera too. And the best part is, it won't cost your very much dough. Ok, sorry for all the terrible puns. But seriously, all Oscar-related cookie cutters available on for around $12 each.

They also sell the shimmering gold edible glitter and "luster dust" for decorating your little statue. I don't know about you, but I am stocking up for next year.

Movie Ticket Cookie Cutter, $12.95Director's Clapboard Cookie Cutter, $12.95Panavision Movie Camera Cookie Cutter, $12.95

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we're back from magic!

Behind the scenes: the Dollhouse Showroom in NYC

The Dollhouse sales team (and collection) are back from an exciting MAGIC show in Las Vegas!

Next, Dollhouse is gearing up for Market Week next week (March 2-6, 2009). For an appointment to view the Fall 2009/Back-to-School collection at our New York Showroom, please call 212.719.9363 or email

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in a colorful mood. happy friday!

Dollhouse Classic Vest in pink
Currently on sale, $18.99
Shop this piece

Dollhouse Crayon-Bright Skinny Jeans in red
Currently on sale, $32.99
Shop this piece

Dollhouse Deb Bootie in silver
Currently on sale, $45.99

Shop this piece

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everyone is twittering

Twitter-ers of note.

It is amazing to me who is Twittering these days. Karl Lagerfeld! Marc Jacobs! Dollhouse! Even high-profile foodies are Twittering. Check out this article on Eater. Are you Twittering yet?

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and now it's time to talk about pizza

Tell someone you love them. Say it with pizza.
But be sure to eat the strangely-shaped slices yourself, and give them the good ones.
[image from Slice]

I can't believe pizza hasn't been a topic of conversation on this blog yet. I mean, why live in NYC except for the pizza!? And for the bagels. And yes, for the fashion too. But mainly for the pizza.

Where are your favorite slices? Luzzo? Motorino? John's? Patsy's? The Grampa Pie from Driggs Pizza? Oh that is a great one. The fresh tomatoes are amazing. If you want to get all the up-to-the-minute pizza information in NYC and beyond, I suggest bookmarking this blog:

Slice, America's Favorite Pizza Weblog

This way, you stay up-to-the-moment on all the great pizza in our great city. Since pizza is in the eye of the beholder, you can select your favorites, and judge for yourself. Happy eating! I love the way he signs his posts, "Hasta la pizza." I wish I had thought of that.

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racked brings you right to bryant park

So, I was wondering, did you attempt to buy a ticket for Fashion Week on Craig's List? I hope you thought better of that idea after reading this post last week. But just in case you are still jonesing for fashion, Bryant Park-style, because let's face it, if you are reading this blog, you are,* then check out Racked instead (free! reliable!) for their liveblogging** coverage of all the shows! I am totally there.

*I am!
**I didn't know liveblogging was one word. Did you?

Racked at 3.1 Phillip Lim. Check it out: military-inspired coats are still hot. has just the thing for you. Read this post. Or click on this jacket.

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project runway: fashion geek + diana eng

Hey, did you hear, Project Runway Season 2 designer, Diana Eng, has written a new book called Fashion Geek. The book, due out in March, combines craft, fashion and electronics, and according to Blogging Project Runway, includes "step-by-step directions [on] how to make thirteen unique projects including a 'Get the Message' bag that lights up each time your cell phone rings." In noise-saturated NYC, that would come in rather handy! I always miss calls...

In addition to all sorts of Project Runway show news, Blogging Project Runway also offers some fun NYC Fashion Week coverage. Click on the links! They have good links.

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invitation only: nyc fashion week 2009

If first impressions are everything in this world, then certain designers showing during New York Fashion Week 2009 have gained an edge over the rest. Check out The New York Times' blog, The Moment, for invitations that deliver innovative "outside the box" thinking. Outside the mailbox, that is.

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celeb look: mischa barton

[images at left from]

Mischa Barton [R] is looking very Caesars Palace-meets-Revolutionary War in her Greek goddess dress and golden sandals mix-matched with a decorated military style jacket. According to fashion blog, DressLikeStarz, Mischa "always has something to amaze [...] with her brilliant fashion style and unique yet trendy fashion statement." We agree.

If silver and subtle are more your speed, try this "look for less" [L] available on Layer the comfortable knit Paris Hilton In The Band Jacket over the flirty Paris Hilton Embellished V-Strap Dress. Accessorize with a pair of silver Peep Toe Gladiator Heels by Dollhouse (a nod to the Mischa's Greek theme), and you are ready to go.

Paris Hilton In The Band Jacket, $54.99
Paris Hilton V-Strap Dress, $43.99
Dollhouse Peep Toe Gladiator Heels, $39.99
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Your Celebrity-About-Town Look = $138.97

You do the Fashion math.

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totally wynn-win

The Wynn and Encore are two super-luxury hotels on the Las Vegas Strip
[image from]

The shimmering lagoon at Bartolotta, Wynn Las Vegas
[this and below images from]

Opulent dining cabanas at Bartolotta, Wynn Las Vegas

Blush, the reservation-only nightclub at the Wynn. I love the decor.

Sugar & Ice. At the Wynn Las Vegas, even the casual dining
establishments are fabulous. A waterfall??!

And look, another waterfall! Cocktails at Tryst.

Have you ever been to the Wynn Las Vegas? After browsing the Wynn's Website and taking the hotel tour, I would be interested to experience this place in person, especially the fine dining restaurants.

At Daniel Boulud (yes they have one in Las Vegas too), you can "dine indoors or outside along the magnificent Lake of Dreams." Yes, I said Lake of Dreams. At Bartolotta, "dine indoors or outside in private cabanas surrounding a shimmering lagoon." Just look at this place!

If you are going to be at MAGIC next week, and are looking for some haute options, check out the Wynn. And don't forget about Encore! Take the tour in advance.

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want to have dinner in vegas?

Joan Miro-inspired artwork at Border Grill

The Border Grill dining room overlooks the gorgeous outdoor pool
and cabanas at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Green Corn Tamales


Hey, are you going to MAGIC next week? Dollhouse will be there! At the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #JR12601. But you know that already...

If your feet ache from standing in the long lines at the buffets, and if you have had all the bacon you can possibly consume (is it just me, or is Vegas cuisine very heavy on the deep-fried and the bacon wrapped in bacon?), you may want to try Border Grill at the Mandalay Bay. The name may sound a bit Tex-Mex, but Border Grill is far from deep fried Americana. Downstairs, located off the luxurious outdoor pool and cabanas, you will find an elegant New York-style delicious dining experience from a Santa Monica-based celebrity chef duo.

Chefs Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken present "bold, authentic foods of Mexico" like Roasted Plaintain Empanadas stuffed with black beans, poblano and cotijo cheese, or Baja Ceviche with lime marinated halibut and shrimp, or the classic Pescado Veracruzano. Oh my mouth is watering. Most appetizers are reasonably priced at $9; entrees range from $21-$29. Click here for the dinner menu. Border Grill offers some of the tastiest vegetarian and organic options on the Strip. Click here to read more about Feniger and Milliken's environmentally friendly policies.

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shop the trends and save a lot!

InStyle, February 2009

Our Dollhouse Yellow Crayon Bright Skinny Jeans were just featured in the February 2008 issue of InStyle magazine (see "It's All About Citrus" on page 148). But wait, there's more. This pair of hot jeans, along with a few other denim goodies, are even more gently priced than usual on our Website. Check out the savings!

Shop the trends, and save a lot on

InStyle, February 2009, page 148
"It's All About Citrus
Grapfruit, tangerine and lemon add spark to gray winter days"

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Dollhouse, the new drama on FOX starring Eliza Dushku, premieres tomorrow night at 9pm. Don't forget!

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fashion week on craig's list

[image from Gawker]

This just in. Fashion Week tickets are being sold on Craig's List.

The most expensive tickets include Project Runway for $750, Marc Jacobs, William Rast and Zac Posen for $600 and William Rast for $399. Warning fashionistas: These could be scams. What have things come to in our society? I ask you.

See the full story on Gawker

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lucky for dollhouse...

Lucky, March 2009

Check out page 187 of your March 2009 issue of Lucky Magazine! Our Dollhouse Denim Blazer for just $52 is featured in "Fashion Calculator: How to make some of the most gently priced items of the new season add up to some of your favorite new outfits."

Stay tuned. This piece will hit our site in 3 weeks. We'll let you know exactly when.

Lucky, March 2009, page 187

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improv everywhere on the e train

[all images from Improv Everywhere]

Rob Wants to Give You a High Five. Get Ready!

The morning commute in NYC can leave one feeling, shall we say, less than human. After being shoved and pushed and elbowed and bagged and elbowed again, it is a challenge to love your fellow man.

Improv Everywhere* to the rescue. On Monday morning at the E train subway station at 53rd and Lex, Agent Latham, known as "Rob" gave about 2000 high fives during a 45-minute period. Look at the smiles on these commuters faces. Smiles! This warmed my heart.

Audience reaction:
It was awesome watching the reactions of people before, during, and after the high fives. I’d say around 75% of the riders gave Rob a high five. There were some people who were both listening to music and reading a book who didn’t look up to notice what was going on. A small percentage seemed suspicious of us and elected to keep their hands to themselves. Most people smiled and high fived. Some people kept a straight face during the high five, but then privately smiled to themselves a few moments later. Watching people after they gave a high five was almost more fun. Almost everyone was left with a smile. Agent Sokoler took hundreds of reaction shots, peering from behind columns at the top of the escalator. Here are some of our favorites.

*Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. Created in August of 2001 by Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere has executed over 80 missions involving thousands of undercover agents. The group is based in New York City.


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